The Ilmer vine-stem cleaner STP
Merciless to stem shoots!
Gentle to the vine!

Ilmer vine steam cleaner 007
  • Ilmer Rendering vine steam cleaner
  • Ilmer Rendering STP+M2
  • Ilmer Rendering STP+LMG

The STP vine-stem cleaner

The Ilmer STP only becomes an vine-stem cleaner in combination with a rotary mower. Thanks to its ultra-compact design, the STP is mounted at the front of the rotary mower and therefore not only reliably removes all vine shoots, but also brushes the weeds under the blades of the rotary mower at a low and therefore vine-friendly speed. This allows mulching and inter-row cleaning all in one pass.

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Ilmer rotary mower LMG 001
  • Winding protection!

    The shaft which is open to the rear and the spiral arrangement of the cloths prevent weeds from winding up even under extreme conditions.

    Ilmer vine steam cleaner 002
  • Clean results!

    In combination with our LMG or M2 series rotary mowers, the row and the entire inter-row area are processed cleanly and gently, even under the most difficult conditions.

    Ilmer vine steam cleaner 006
  • It‘s the mix that does it!

    The wide, soft rubber cloths are pretensioned by the protective cover and thus hit the vine in a flat angle. The energy is optimally absorbed and prevents relevant damage to the vine. The special composition of the cloths, also ensures gentle and reliable removal of vine shoots.

    Ilmer vine steam cleaner 007
  • Working widht15 cm
    Number of cloths12
    Oil demand18 - 25 l/min.
    Weight36 kg
    Ilmer Rendering vine steam cleaner

Can be combined with the following rotary mowers

M2 Plus Series
Ilmer screws

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