The Ilmer power harrow
Precision meets power!

Ilmer power harrow 006
  • Ilmer Rendering power harrow

Precision meets power!

The Ilmer power harrow combines the precision of electro-hydraulic fine touch with the enormous torque of orbital motors. The front head removes all weeds including roots and transports them to the rear rigid crumbler head, which crumbles the material and distributes it evenly in the inter-row area. Thanks to the separate height adjustment of the working heads, the desired working depth can be set individually, which is helpful when adding fertiliser.

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Ilmer power harrow 001
  • Precise inter-row cultivation!

    The electro-hydraulic fine-touch automatics with its own oil circuit enables even more precise scanning and thus a clean result around the trunk.

    Ilmer power harrow 005
  • Very easy to control!

    Intuitive cross-lever joystick with practical rotary knob for easy control of the left, right or both sides. Execute different actions at the same time with just one push of a button.

    Ilmer Joystick 001
  • Power pack!

    Thanks to the enormous torque, the two heads easily cultivate even dry and compact soil and ensure a clean result in the inter-row area.

    Ilmer power harrow 007
  • Working width35 - 60 cm
    Working depth1 - 10 cm
    Oil demandSensor: 10 l/min
    Heads: 35 - 40 l/min
    Weight114 kg
    Dimensions116 x 40 cm
    Ilmer Rendering power harrow

Can be combined with the following tool carrier frames:

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