Ilmer rotary mower LMG 001

Professional rotary mower

The right rotary mower for every requirement!

Whether for orchards or vineyards, special crops or photovoltaic systems. At high speed through tall grass or precisely in the tightest of spaces, on technically demanding steep slopes - the professional Ilmer mulchers have been impressively demonstrating their qualities under the most diverse conditions for decades.
The latest generation of Ilmer rotary mowers is uncompromisingly trimmed for maximum cutting performance - with extremely compact dimensions. As a result, Ilmer rotary slashers are highly versatile and guarantee impressive area coverage. Thanks to the optimised gear ratio, full performance is achieved at a fuel-saving 400 rpm PTO speed.

Ilmer Rendering rotary mower M2-C170 hoch
M2-Series (offset)
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting with85 - 170 cm
Power requirement15 - 24 HP
Can be combined with inter-row attachments
Ilmer Rendering rotary mower M2-F210 hoch
M2-Series (central)
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting width150 - 250 cm
Power requirement20 - 41 HP
Ilmer Rendering rotary mower ZMG240 hoch
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting width120 - 280 cm
Power requirement22 - 50 HP
Ilmer Rendering LMG210hd rotary mower hoch
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting width115 - 345 cm
Power requirement30 - 65 HP
Can be combined with inter-row attachments
Ilmer Rendering rotary mower IMG185 hoch
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting width125 - 200 cm
Power requirement22 - 29 HP
Ilmer Rendering rotary mower EMG265 hoch
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting width180 - 340 cm
Power requirement30 - 49 HP
Ilmer Rendering SMG290-72 rotary mower hoch
MountingFront / Rear
Cutting width120 - 450 cm
Power requirement28 - 75 HP
Ilmer Rendering rotary mower KMG160 hoch
Cutting width87 - 158 cm
Power requirement18 HP
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