The Ilmer root cutter

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  • Ilmer Rendering root cutter

The Ilmer root cutter

The mechanical solution for effective growth regulation of a wide range of cultures. Thanks to the cutting depth of up to 80 cm and the hydraulically adjustable cutting angle, even deeper roots can be reached, making the root pruner even more effective. The exceptionally robust construction made of high-strength and partially hardened steel makes the Ilmer root cutter indestructible, even in very compact and stony soils.

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  • Absolutely indestructible!

    Thanks to the use of high-strength and partly hardened steels, the Ilmer root cutter is characterised by its extraordinary robustness, which means it can be used reliably even under extreme conditions.

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  • Weight support!

    The option of adding additional weights makes it easier for the Ilmer root cutter to cultivate hard and compact soils. The standard weights of the tractor can be used.

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  • Versatile!

    The Ilmer root cutter is characterised by its versatility. It is also used on golf courses and other facilities to create and maintain precise lawn edges.

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  • Penetration depth82 cm
    Tilt+24° to +70°
    Weight220 kg
    Ilmer Rendering root cutter
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