The Ilmer tree puller
Bites without mercy!

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  • Ilmer Rendering tree puller B99

The Ilmer tree puller

With their merciless biting power, the Ilmer tree puller enable tree trunks or vines with a circumference of up to 15 cm to be uprooted effortlessly. In combination with rubber-coated clamps, concrete columns or wooden stakes can also be removed from the ground without damage.

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  • Large opening!

    With an opening of 19 cm, the Ilmer tree puller effortlessly remove tree trunks or vines with a circumference of up to 15 cm. The powerful gripper with lever transmission ensures a firm bite.

    Ilmer tree puller 001
  • Clamps with rubber coating!

    The Ilmer tree pullers are versatile and are also suitable for removing concrete poles and wooden piles. Thanks to the special clamps with rubber coating, gentle gripping and pulling out is guaranteed without any slipping.

    Ilmer tree puller 003
  • Simply efficient!

    Despite its compact design, the tree puller impresses with its incredible performance. To make maintenance easier, the lubrication points on all swivel joints are directly accessible.

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  • Jaw opening19 cm
    Operating oil pressure175 bar
    Weight79 kg
    Ilmer Rendering tree puller B99
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