The Ilmer land roller
Makes everything flat!

Ilmer land roller 001
  • Ilmer Rendering land roller quer

The Ilmer land roller

Flatten everything properly! The optimum roller diameter and the high weight of the Ilmer land roller ensure maximum contact pressure. The integrated floating position of the three-point frame also ensures even pressure distribution.

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Ilmer land roller 003
  • Makes everything flat!

    The combination of an optimum roller diameter and maximum weight generates a high contact pressure. The solid, thick-walled roller body is fully welded on both sides and filled with concrete.

    Ilmer land roller 005
  • All inclusive!

    The Ilmer land roller is available for front or rear mounting as well as Cat. I and II and therefore offers maximum flexibility. Thanks to the integrated floating position, it adapts perfectly to the terrain.

    Ilmer land roller 006
  • Practical!

    The Ilmer land roller is equipped with a practical, height-adjustable parking stand.

    Ilmer land roller 004

Overview of all models

PW 170
  • Ilmer Rendering land roller quer
    Working width170 cm
    Weight1.100 kg
    Width185 cm
    Depth80 cm
PW 210
  • Ilmer Rendering land roller quer
    Working width210 cm
    Weight1.350 kg
    Width225 cm
    Depth80 cm
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