Ilmer forklift K2D 002

The Ilmer forklifts

Clear view of the loading area!

Ilmer forklifts have impressively proven their qualities over decades and are rightly the first choice for professional fruit and wine growers. The clean design and the absolutely clear view of the loading area immediately catch the eye. A lifting capacity of 1,500 kg, CNC-milled running rails made of high-strength quality steel, closed combi bearings, Teflon-mounted side shift - the Ilmer forklifts are practically maintenance-free and therefore always ready for use.

Ilmer Rendering forklift K2-D235 hoch
Max. lifting heightfrom 170 cm to 275 cm
Hydraulic bin fixation
Patented fork closer
Ilmer Rendering forklift ECO235 hoch
Max. lifting heightfrom 170 cm to 275 cm
Manual fork adjustment
Ilmer screws

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