Ilmer tigthening control device

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Tigthening control device

Tightening control device with pressure-relief valve and pressure indicator for precise regulation of tensile force (up to max. 180 bar or 4,500 kg). With chain and hook, adjustable in length. Can be fastened via belt or by means of flange points for excavator mounting bracket. Can be used in soft soils thanks to its large bearing surface. Large opening for easy placement in existing installations.

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  • Pressure indicator

    The Ilmer tightening control device has a pressure indicator that enables precise regulation of the tensile forces, with a maximum pressure of 180 bar or 4,500 kg.

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  • Chain and hook

    The Ilmer tightening control device has a chain and hook. The chain is adjustable in length and can be customised.

    Ilmer Tigthening control device 02
  • AZK-4000

    Max. tensile force4.500 kg with 180 bar
    Stroke78 cm
    Construction height120 cm
    Weight116 kg
    Required connections1x DA
    Ilmer Tigthening control device draw
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